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MEHLER Elektrotechnik Ges.m.b.H. has been in existence for 60 years and is headquartered in Wolfern near Steyr. We are the right partner for the production of all types of high and low voltage switch cabinets as well as custom constructions. Our production focus lies in the manufacturing of: meter cabinets for all utility companies in Austria, switch cabinets for industrial and mechanical engineering, construction site power distributors, IT data transmission cabinets, special enclosures, and intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Panel dividing set

The panel dividing set is used to divide the post-counter panel into a sealable part and a part that is accessible to the customer. The division is available in two standard divisions.

UNI module

The UNI module is a fuse distributor module for the modular construction of meter distributors.

New products

You can find our new products including data sheets in the news category.

Keep-ME-Cool Systems

Our Keep-ME-Cool system is an intelligent and reliable charging infrastructure for refrigerated trucks on highways and expressways.

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