Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Satisfied, healthy, and motivated employees are crucial for the sustainable success of our company and for maintaining and creating jobs. This is especially important in light of demographic changes.

Workplace safety and the health of our employees, in compliance with legal frameworks and regulations, are therefore integral components of our processes and procedures.

MEHLER Elektrotechnik is committed to preventing injuries and illnesses and minimizing risks.

Our company is oriented towards creating sustainable solutions to continuously improve performance in occupational health and safety.

Through targeted and regular information, employees are actively involved in the implementation of the occupational health and safety policy.

Avoidance of Accidents, First Aid

  • Absolute prohibition of alcohol and drugs throughout the operation during working hours.

  • Wear and maintain prescribed protective equipment. In areas where protective equipment must be worn, markings and signs are displayed.

  • Maintain clean and clear workstations. Keep transport routes clear and organized.

  • Operate the electric forklift cautiously and ensure proper securing of the load.

  • Wear protective gloves when needed (e.g., when lifting and transporting iron profile parts).

  • Work and act with concentration.

  • In the event of a workplace accident, provide immediate first aid and initiate the rescue chain.