Sustainable development and environmentally conscious actions are an integral part of our corporate strategy.

We constantly renew our fleet of vehicles and invest in electric vehicles. Electric cars are used for short to medium distances. Our fleet, consisting of five diesel and petrol vehicles, has been completely converted to electric vehicles, with a total annual mileage of approximately 30,000 km.

We have our own charging infrastructure for our fleet as well as for company visitors, providing a total of 22 electric charging stations.

Fleet and Transport Equipment within the Company

Our trucks are modern BlueTec diesel vehicles. We replace them every 3-5 years. The truck drivers undergo regular training sessions to enhance efficiency. All internal transport equipment (forklifts) has been switched to electric. Gas-powered forklifts are still in use in the raw material hall and outdoor areas.

Sustainability Implementations

Sustainable business practices ensure a secure future. Together, we strive for a clean and intact environment!


Commencement of the expansion of the photovoltaic system to 1.4 MW to meet the total power requirements of the facility and achieve our future CO2 goals.


Sustainability & Energy Transition: One of our major guiding principles is to operate sustainably and produce our products in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner. Our goal is to minimize energy consumption and obtain it from alternative energy sources. Modernization and efficiency enhancement are among our tasks and are regularly implemented. Currently, we have installed a 400 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of our hall, integrated into our energy grid. Modernization of the Heating Center: All old heating centers have been replaced with the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Office Modernization: In our two open-plan offices, Technical Sales and Electrical Planning, we have invested in efficient and optimal LED lighting technology. Furthermore, a residential ventilation system with air humidification has been installed. Replacement of hall lighting with LED fixtures, resulting in reduced electricity consumption.


Award for Competence in Climate Protection: MEHLER Elektrotechnik Ges.m.b.H has been recognized as a klima.ktiv mobil project partner under the action and consulting program 'Mobility Management for Companies, Property Developers, and Fleet Operators,' making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.


New Compressed Air Central System: Frequency-controlled and regulated. Reduction in electricity consumption. Floor Refurbishment in the Production Hall: The aging flooring, which was installed in 1985, has been gradually milled off and reapplied for the 5000m² production area. Reduced dust accumulation. Improved production pathways.


Since November 2015, invoices from our suppliers have been captured, approved, and automatically paid through an integrated electronic invoice control system. Reduction in paper usage and paper waste.