Our Principles

  • Continuing and expanding the company and its employees.

  • Careful handling of raw materials and energy.

  • Environmentally conscious and humane actions.

  • Meeting our customers' requirements for our products.

  • Ensuring the highest quality and functionality of our products.

  • Compliance with standards and regulations.

  • Providing new solutions and innovations in switchgear.

  • Expanding our service to our customers.

  • Adhering to fast delivery times.

  • Providing solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently.

  • Expanding collaboration with our distribution partners.

  • Strengthening supplier relationships.

  • Tailoring the distribution expansion program to meet our customers' needs.

  • Expand the service to our customers.

  • Maintain fast delivery times.

  • Offer solutions to our customers quickly and easily.

  • Expand collaboration with our sales partners.

  • Strengthen supplier relationships.

  • Customize the distributor expansion program for our customers.

Corporate Philosophy

We place great importance on maintaining a positive work environment and fostering good relationships with our employees. Problems are solved collaboratively, and successes are celebrated together. Only those who enjoy coming to work and have fulfilling tasks will dedicate themselves and contribute to positive growth. The various departments throughout the production are effectively led by our supervisors, who are responsible for the smooth operation of their respective areas. Work preparations and task assignments must be optimally planned. All departments inspect the manufactured parts and the work that has been completed. The department heads in our company form the backbone of production. To ensure these responsible positions are well-filled in the future, we train young employees in various professions. The training of our young talent is of great importance to us. Our trainers are skilled workers with a wealth of experience and excellent interpersonal skills. They bring patience and understanding to the table. In our company, there are numerous opportunities and prospects for young and dedicated employees to attain future leadership positions.