Distribution Expansion Stages

MEHLER Control Cabinet Program as Distribution Expansion Levels

Our customers don't have to conform to standard control cabinets; the control cabinets conform to their needs!

Our goal is to pre-assemble our control cabinets to the extent that you need for your facilities or projects.

Specifically, this means - we offer an expansion level program from which you can choose according to your needs!

The Distribution Expansion Levels Concept at a Glance:

Expansion stage 0:

ME planning & dimensioning

Our particular strength is also the planning and dimensioning of switchgear in the low-voltage range. From control cabinets to complete switchgear for residential, commercial or industrial buildings, we can carry out the planning and calculations of the electrical/mechanical variables within the switchgear. Thermal calculations and load calculations. This means that we also work exactly according to the customer's specifications (templates, construction meetings or device lists, but also according to existing circuit diagrams).

Expansion stage 1:

ME empty cupboard standard cupboard

This is the minimum that we can offer. Empty cabinets or meter distributors from the standard range in accordance with EN 62208, available from stock or at short notice.

Level 2:

ME Empty Cabinet Standard Cabinet,
Customized Assembly

In this expansion level, we offer our customers the mechanical processing of all ME control cabinets or meter cabinets (e.g., special mechanical and mounting insert setups according to customer preferences). Additionally, processing of doors or cover parts with cutouts or holes is possible. We can also provide mounting plates with holes, threads, rivet nuts, or embossings. Thermal and acoustic insulation for all ME enclosures is available as well. Furthermore, ventilations and air conditioning can be dimensioned and installed correctly. (including documentation according to EN 62208)

Expansion stage 3:

ME control cabinets partially fitted

At the customer's request, the ME switch cabinets and meter distribution boards can also be supplied as partially busbar-mounted or partially dismantled. Good examples of this are pre-metering sections with busbars for NH disconnectors, circuit-breakers and fuses or switch and control cabinets with busbars for feed-in or main distribution - we offer partial installation on request. It is then easy for customers to add the remaining distribution installation devices relatively quickly on site and complete them themselves. (incl. partial documentation in accordance with EN 61439 / EN 62208)

Level 4:

Fully Wired and Tested ME Control Cabinets Ready for Connection

Another significant advantage for our customers – we offer an option where all switch and meter cabinets are fully wired and busbar-fitted, manufactured, and delivered according to the templates. All these switchgear systems are, of course, built, tested, and documented according to current regulations. ÖVE EN 8101 / EN 61439 / EN 62208