Areas of application

  • Municipalities, cities, urban centers

  • Tourism, leisure

  • companies

  • Electrical supply companies

  • Petrol stations

  • Golf courses

  • Campsites

  • sales outlets

  • Shopping centers

  • supermarkets

  • schools

  • outdoor swimming pools

Where does it really make sense to drive electric vehicles?

  1. In urban centers, where many short journeys are made every day.

  2. On the way to work and to the shops.

  3. In parks, nature reserves or on golf courses.

  4. In municipalities and cities where municipal employees make their daily journeys to work.

  5. On campsites and in leisure parks.

  6. On exhibition grounds and in large company premises.

The Mehler e-charging points are also ideally suited to provide a simple and safe energy supply point in open spaces, parking lots, parking spaces in front of petrol stations and sales areas.

The provider can offer electrical energy in addition to the parking space.

Types of application:

Wherever the operator makes energy and services available to the user free of charge.

Company premises, department store parking lots, parking facilities, golf courses, parking lots in front of restaurants and inns, commuter parking lots as well as parking lots for camping vehicles, refrigerated trucks or fairgrounds.

Wherever the operator has included energy as a service in a flat rate.

In public spaces where the user pays for the service directly at the e-charging point, e.g. as a parking fee incl. charging option (via Paypal (Qr code) or credit card, depending on the availability of the clearing or billing point).

Use as an information pillar

Municipalities, cities, organizations or stores that do not yet offer information stands can also operate Mehler e-dispensers as information pillars. To provide visitors with important information and news.

Tourism associations or leisure providers can also provide information about offers in their area, e.g. current weather forecast, calendar of events, promotions and offers in the region, opening hours of various regional facilities, rooms and culinary offers, etc..

In urban centers, stores and companies can broadcast their services or advertisements. Everyone has the opportunity to find out about all the offers at a Mehler e-pump on site.