Technology & Planning

Electrical Planning

An essential part of planning electrical systems is documentation.

At Mehler Elektrotechnik, we emphasize the highest quality and create our distribution documentation using the CAE/CAD program ELCAD.

The complete distribution documentation is included in paper format with the distribution panel! Upon request, it can also be provided in digital form! Possible data formats: PDF, DWG, DXF, ELCAD

Cover Page

  • System Cover Page

  • Assembly Drawing

  • Electrical Circuit Diagram

  • Bill of Materials

  • Test Protocols

  • Device Descriptions


  • Terminal Plan

  • Cable Lists

  • Design Verification

Documentation Download

Sample Plan PDF

Construction and Development

The engineering department specializes in the development of customized mechanical applications. With decades of experience in the industry, we take pride in transforming technical challenges into customer-specific solutions.

Our department utilizes state-of-the-art 3D CAD software to create precise and efficient designs. From ideation to implementation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the designs meet their requirements and standards.

At Mehler Elektrotechnik GmbH, quality, precision, and customer satisfaction are paramount. Our mechanical engineering team is ready to take on your challenges and deliver top-notch solutions.

If you provide us with your manufacturing drawings in 3D (.stp) or 2D (.dxf, .dwg), we can incorporate them into the planning!

Download the construction plan

Sample Plan PDF